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Senior Saver Account



Up to
0.95% pa
Interest Rate

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Available to those with an eligible Commonwealth Government concession card, this account offers a wide range of access options and higher interest than an everyday transaction account.

  • interest calculation daily and paid yearly on 30 June
  • no minimum balance and no ongoing balance requirements
  • funds available at call
  • rediCARD and Visa Debit card access options
  • there are other access options available on this account, including cheque book
  • access your account online or via phone and do your banking your way
  • make BPAY payments from this account to over 44,000 billers in the national BPAY network, including most councils, telephone, electricity and gas organisations
  • receive a $6.00 monthly Fee Allowance to offset everyday withdrawal fees
  • the balance in this account contributes to your Average Relationship Balance and is used to calculate your monthly Fee Allowance to offset everyday fees refer to Fees & Charges for more information
  • SERVICE ONE Alliance Bank deposits are deposits of Bendigo Bank and are covered by the Federal Government's Financial Claims Scheme

  Senior Saver Account Features:
Senior Saver Account
Interest Rates
Maximum rate0.95% pa
Tiered Interest Rates
From $1 - $19990.10% pa
From $2000 - $485990.25% pa
Over $486000.95% pa
Funds availableAt call 
ATM/EFTPOS accessYes 
eLink or phoneLinkYes
Direct Entry (Credit/Debit)Yes
Branch accessYes 





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