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Batemans Bay workshop - introduction to social enterprises

Monday, 25 March 2019 12:00


On Tuesday 9 April 2019, the Mill House is coming to Batemans Bay to help educate locals about social enterprises and social entrepreneurialship as part of a special workshop.

There’s a new and exciting category of business that’s on the up in Australia and across the globe.

Businesses that:

These social enterprises exist to Do Good. And just as SERVICE ONE is a social enterprise, we have a vested interest in seeing more socially-conscious businesses in our region develop and thrive.

And that’s precisely why we’re bringing the Mill House to Batemans Bay. We helped establish this social enterprise accelerator program and our social impact guru Cindy Mitchell is hosting a special two hour workshop to not only lift awareness of social enterprises more broadly, but hopefully inspire local social entrepreneurs. Social entrepreneurs who may be passionate about fixing or improving a community issue, who may have a broad idea about making a positive difference, but who need assistance in realising a tangible social business that will help get them there. The Mill House is designed to nurture and support social enterprises and this workshop will help detail what this support can look like.

Event details are as follows:

Introduction to social enterprises
Tuesday 9 April 2019
Batemans Bay Community Centre
2 Museum Place
10.30am - 12.30pm

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