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ABC program for domestic violence survivors launched


This morning we were honoured to be a part of the launch of a fantastic new initiative – the Assistance Beyond Crisis (ABC) microfinance program that will be offering interest free loans to people who have experienced and left a domestic or family violence situation. 

SERVICE ONE will be supporting Care Inc. Financial Counselling Service in the ongoing delivery of the program by providing ABC loans to a maximum of $5,000 (dependent on income and repayment capacity), with a loan term of up to three years. This microfinance program will help close the gap for the ‘missing middle’ – those between crisis and having re-established their lives, and between low-income safety nets and being able to afford services.

During the launch, we heard from Anne, a courageous DV survivor and she spoke of her struggles and how leaving an abusive situation can come with a significant financial burden and the difference a program like this would have made to her life.

Chief Executive of SERVICE ONE, Matthew Smith, spoke of the organisation’s underlying values that made the decision to support the ABC program an easy one.

“At SERVICE ONE, we share the view that no woman, man or child should be put in a position where they are subject to domestic or family violence. This includes both physical and emotional abuse. The unfortunate reality is financial dependence on a spouse or partner keeps people in these abusive situations. When they do make the decision to leave, financial independence is a must and the ABC program can play a vital role to establish this. We’re proud of our involvement – both as part of an initial group that identified this need in the community and in an ongoing capacity, supporting Care Inc. in the delivery of the program. It’s another example of how we try to Do Good in our community,” Mr Smith said.

Find out more about the ABC program.