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Home finance options with SERVICE ONE


SERVICE ONE home loan specialists are well equipped to help borrowers with their home finance requirements, regardless of whether you're looking to purchase:

  • an existing dwelling such as a home, apartment, townhouse etc.
  • off-the-plan
  • a new construction
  • a kit home, or
  • other pre-manufactured construction.

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Understanding kit home financing

If you are looking at a kit home, we have a solid understanding of how kit home financing differs from finance for a traditional house purchase. As such, a tailored and simplified service to address these needs is offered. Just as a kit home has a staged process of delivery, funding under a SERVICE ONE Alliance Bank loan works in much the same way. Funding for kit homes is done in stages starting through the mortgaging or financing of land. From there further finance is attained at the various stages of material delivery and not after construction. Lastly, funds can also be attained once the build is completed and the finished home is valued and has an Occupancy Certificate.

Of course, if you're looking to purchase a more traditional dwelling, a SERVICE ONE Alliance Bank home loan can help you make this purchase a reality.

SERVICE ONE Alliance Bank home loans provide multiple options for borrowers, including:

  • a variety of fixed and variable loan rates
  • insurance cover to protect loan repayments should the unexpected occur
  • redraw and offset facilities on the majority of loan options, and
  • loan options for not only owner occupied, but for investment properties.

Find out more about the range of home loans on offer and interest rates.

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