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NHC Primary Health Services


The National Health Co-op (NHC) doesn’t just provide unlimited access to bulk billing doctors. They also provide an extensive range of other primary health services at no or low cost to members. These include:

  • behavioural assessments 
  • Canberra Menopause Clinic
  • diabetes education
  • dietitians
  • doctors
  • education programs
  • exercise physiology
  • health outreach
  • nurses
  • obstetrics and gynaecology
  • pharmacists
  • physiotherapists
  • planning for end of life
  • psychologists, and
  • residential aged care.

NHC Clinic Locations

Bulk Billing Doctors

For a list of the most current specialist services available and descriptors of each, visit the National Health Co-op website.

How it works

The NHC bulk bill all services to the maximum possible extent (consistent with Australian Medicare eligibility requirements). In the instance that a service is ineligible to be bulk billed, the service is made available to members at the most affordable price possible. Often this price is significantly lower than other going rates in the market. Achieving this low price is possible through the NHC’s not-for-profit approach to service delivery, the use of cross subsidy and business efficiencies. 

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