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Visa Credit Card FAQs


Q: Am I eligible for a Visa Credit Card?
A: You will need to be over 18 years of age, an Australian resident and apply in personal names, and have a permanent monthly income and/or a stable job. If you are not already a Member of SERVICE ONE, you will need to join. Joining is easy - find out about becoming a SERVICE ONE Member.

Q; How much can I borrow?
A: The maximum amount you can borrow on a Visa Credit Card is dependent on your application and individual situation. Use our calculators to get a sense of what you can borrow (links below).

Q; How is the interest calculated on my Visa Credit Card?
A: Interest is calculated daily and charged monthly.

Q: What fees are charged and how can I minimise them?
A; The Visa Credit Card has an annual fee of $45. This is debited at the end of March every year. Visa transactions do not attract any withdrawal fees when you select the Visa 'credit' button. Our Schedule of Fees and Charges details more information in terms of how to minimise fees.

Q: How much do I repay each month?
A: Our Visa Credit Card is a continuous credit contract. Repayments are based on the greater of 3% of your outstanding balance or a minimum of $10 per month.

Q: How do I make repayments to my card?
A; You can arrange to make your card repayments either by payroll deduction, Direct Debit from your savings or transaction account, Internet or telephone banking transfer, at any one of our Branches. Or we can set up an automatic payment for you for a nominated amount, the minimum repayment or to pay off the balance in full.

Q: How often will I receive information on my account?
A: Statements are issued monthly. A transaction list can be requested at any time from our Branches, however there may be a charge for duplicate statements. Account balances and statements are also available through our Internet and telephone banking services.

Q: Are eStatements available for the Visa Credit Card?
A: Yes. All Members with Internet banking access have eStatements generated for them. As such, you can choose to opt out of posted statements and you will receive an email and/or message through Internet banking when a new statement is available to view.

Q: What is the cash advance rate on this card?
A: The cash advance rate is the same as the Visa purchase rate.

Q: How do I reduce my credit card limit, change or cancel my card?
A: Visit your local SERVICE ONE Branch, phone 1300 361 761 or send a secure message via Internet banking (including your name, contact details and the last four digits of your credit card number). If Members do not have access to Internet banking, they can use the online enquiry form (at the bottom of this page) to submit the request. Please note that all requests will be assessed and are subject to approval. We may contact you to seek clarification if your instructions are unclear. SERVICE ONE is not obliged to reduce the limit below any specified minimum credit limits. Terms and conditions apply. Please note for security purposes, never include the card number in any communication.