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  • The major banks can go ahead and focus on making profits. At SERVICE ONE, we'll continue to look after the needs of our customers.

  • Our borrowers don't always agree with our credit decisions. But that's part of being a responsible lender.

  • There is no direct link between our volume of sales and take home pay.

  • Nearly three quarters of our customers recommend us to family and friends*... we must be doing something right.

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Exploring the facts further...

Whether it's our ongoing approach to customer service, product pricing, how we are compensated or SERVICE ONE's company structure, we're not like the major banks. Use the expand options below to find out how we're different.

  Customer service and our approach to lending

Our approach to customer service is built upon seven key Member Service Promises we aim to uphold at all times. This is what you can expect from SERVICE ONE and in your dealings with us.

As part of our 2018 Member survey, 96% of respondents indicated an overall satisfaction with our service levels. This same survey revealed that nearly three quarters of our customers recommend us to family and friends. 

We take our role as a responsible lender seriously. This sometimes means our borrowers are not overly happy with us if we don't lend them as much money as they would like, but at the end of the day, it's our job to make sure they can afford the debt.

*Based on results from the 2018 Member survey.

  Product pricing and helping you save

We're not always the cheapest option on the market it's true. But we have maintained a lower Standard Variable Rate home loan than the major banks for a number of years now. In addition, all of our customers are entitled to a monthly Fee Allowance to offset everyday banking fees. This Fee Allowance is greater the more banking you have with us. 

A home loan can represent the largest single expense in a monthly household budget. As such, it’s no surprise there are significant savings to be had if you are able to get a better deal on your home loan rate. Check out the monthly savings below that assume a loan term over 25 years based on monthly principal and interest repayments for owner occupied purposes.

Loan amount -0.25% discount -0.50% discount -0.75% discount -1.00% discount
$250,000 $36 $71 $107 $141
$500,000 $72 $144 $214 $284
$750,000 $108 $215 $321 $425

Savings figures are approximate only and calculated using the loan repayment calculator available at

Check out our latest home loan, car/personal loan and term deposit specials below. Make an appointment with a SERVICE ONE lender to see if we can help you save on your existing home loan or to organise finance for a new home purchase.



  How we are compensated

SERVICE ONE staff are salaried employees. And yes while we have targets and sales expectations (we need to make money after all so we can continue to operate and impact invest), encouraging you to take a particular home loan over another or even moving a loan you may have with another lender over to SERVICE ONE does not directly impact the regular pay of staff.

  SERVICE ONE as a business (and alternative to the majors)

SERVICE ONE is many things - customer owned, locally owned and operated, a mutual company, a cooperative and social enterprise. This means we have an underlying desire to Do Good and impact invest in initiatives that will have a positive societal effect. Just some of the more recent examples of this include giving an additional 20,000 locals unlimited access to bulk billed health services through the National Health Co-op, our support of the Mill House to develop and nurture other socially-conscious businesses in the region and funding and assistance with the delivery of the Assistance Beyond Crisis interest free loans program for those escaping family and domestic violence.

It's OK to expect more from your banking provider.


Our story

From humble beginnings, we're now part of Australia's first social enterprise banking network.

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By trusting SERVICE ONE with your banking and finance needs, you're helping us Do Good.

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Customer testimonials

Don't just take our word for it - check out what our customers say.

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A highly competitive 3.92% comparison rate, fully featured loan.

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A 2.35% return on a 7-month term investment of $5k or more.

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COVID-19 information

Our response, access to services and support available.

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Assistance Beyond Crisis (ABC)

ABC offers interest free loans for people who have experienced and left a domestic violence situation.

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