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Keep up-to-date

Scammers consistently change their tactics, and it is important for you to be aware of the most recent scams, providing insight on the various tactics that are being adopted. SCAMwatch Radar can provide you with a list of recent scams and it is regularly updated by Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC).

Find out more about the most recent scams on the SCAMwatch website and sign up to receive updates from SCAMwatch Radar.

While you should refer to resources such as the SCAMwatch website to keep on top of the latest frauds and threats, you can refer to some additional information on the types of threats.

Tips and hints for banking security

You can also play a big part in protecting your own banking and personal information. To help you, we have provided a number of tips and hints covering off different areas of banking access channels.

  Online security

The Internet is a vast, largely unregulated, network of computers that spans the world. The security of your personal information and online transactions is therefore of paramount importance. Learn more about improving your online security.

  Smartphone security

While these devices offer added convenience, there are added risks. If you were to lose or have your mobile phone stolen, what sort of personal information would you be compromising? Learn more about smartphone security.

  Card/PIN security

Many of us use cards to access our money. The added convenience of accessing your money with cards does bring with it risks, as cardholders can be the victims of fraud. There are several steps we can all take to help minimise the threat of fraud. Learn more about card/PIN security.

  Password security

Passwords and Access Codes are important pieces of information we use to access certain services. There are certain things to keep in mind when we're establishing these to ensure they are as safe and secure as possible. Learn more about password security.

  Phone call security

Phone scams can include phone calls to you claiming to be from your bank or financial institution. The scammer will usually tell you that your credit card or account has been cancelled because it was involved in criminal activity, or because they suspect your card or details have been stolen. This can be a trick to get you to give them your account details. Learn more about phone security.

Commitment to your security and privacy

At SERVICE ONE Alliance Bank, we take the protection and security of your information, transaction data and privacy seriously. SERVICE ONE Alliance Bank employs various security measures to ensure that your transactions and personal information are protected, so you can enjoy a convenient and secure banking experience.

  Online security practices

SERVICE ONE Alliance Bank employs a range of security measures to assist in protecting your personal account information. These measures include (but are not limited to) data encryption and firewalls. The firewall, together with encryption technology, helps to provide some of the best security available to keep your Access Code, account details and other sensitive information, including any messages sent via eLink protected. Learn more about SERVICE ONE's online security practices.

  Communication practices

SERVICE ONE Alliance Bank communication practices are based on a commitment to bring professional, friendly, high quality and confidential service - at all times remaining compliant with all communication legislation and relevant codes of practice. We will never ask for your password or account details to be disclosed via a link within an email message, or request information over an unsolicited phone call. If you receive an email or phone call of this nature, please disregard them, and notify SERVICE ONE Alliance Bank on 1300 361 761 immediately. Learn more about SERVICE ONE Alliance Bank's communication practices.

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