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New Payments Platform

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The New Payments Platform is revolutionising the Australian payments landscape. 

A key benefit of the platform is PayID - a centralised addressing service that enables you to link your bank account information with easy-to-remember pieces of information such as a mobile number or email address. You can provide your PayID to people or organisations you wish to receive payments from. It's all about simplifying the process - and with PayID you can forget your BSB and account number and instead offer your mobile number or email address. 

The second part of the initial rollout of the NPP is Osko, and together with PayID, they are creating a faster, simpler, smarter way to pay and get paid. 

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Can't remember your BSB and account number? A PayID is something easy to remember - like your mobile phone number or email address - that you register with us and we link this to your account of choice. Then when someone needs to pay you, you simply give them your PayID instead of your BSB and account number. 

And if you've ever been worried about sending money to the wrong account, PayID can help. Use a PayID with a service like Osko and the name of the person who owns that PayID is shown before you approve the payment. All you have to do is confirm it's the right person. 


Need to split the bill for a group dinner? Mate lost their wallet and they need money ASAP? Need to pay a plumber for a burst pipe? Say hello to faster payments with Osko by BPAY®... and you can use it with PayID. Osko is now available through Internet and mobile banking to make payments between different financial institutions and will go through in under a minute, 24/7. You can also include up to 280 characters to describe the payment. 

NPP available now and changes you will notice

SERVICE ONE is now offering NPP functionality. As such you will notice changes to desktop and mobile banking as well as the App. The two main changes are:

  1. a 'Manage PayID' option allowing you to register a PayID in the form of either a mobile number or email address and link this to one of your SERVICE ONE Alliance Bank accounts, and
  2. the transfer money (external) functionality looks different as this enables you to make payments to those who have registered their own PayIDs (again, in the form of a mobile number, email address, ABN or organisation ID).

More ways to pay

When you go to setup a new personal payee, you will still have the option of using a BSB and account number (under the 'Account' option), but for those individuals and businesses that have registered a PayID, you can also use a:

  • mobile number
  • email address
  • ABN, or
  • organisation ID.

Once you enter these details, the screen will refresh and confirm the name of the recipient of the funds. If the screen refreshes and you get an error message, this contact information is not registered as a PayID and you will need to make the payment with the more traditional BSB/account number information.

What you need to know

Updated version of the App to be downloaded

If you haven't already, you should download and install the App update now available in the App Store or Google Play. Without this App update, you will not be able to manage a PayID or make NPP payments through the App.

Impact on Paysplits and other account redirects

Members should be aware that the introduction of the NPP may have an impact on any Paysplit arrangements already in place and with account redirects. The issue is a PayID is designed to be linked to one particular account while the membership structure of SERVICE ONE (with all accounts sitting under the one common identifier being the Member number) means Members have been able to use Paysplit functionality where an incoming credit comes into SERVICE ONE and different amounts of this credit split and are credited to several accounts. In addition, some Members have provided a Member number instead of account information to payers and this incoming credit when received goes to a particular account under the membership. Once these payments are processed through NPP, while the payments will still be received, the credit may not hit your preferred account. 

If you have a Paysplit arrangement, you can switch this over to a Periodical Payment which means the incoming credit will be wholly deposited into a particular account but then a future dated Periodical Payment can be setup so a certain amount from this account is then transferred to another account on an ongoing basis at a particular time.

Account numbers

Please ensure that your 9 digit account number (including any ‘00’ in front of your account number) is quoted when providing your account information to others (when setting up a transfer). Some Members have account numbers starting with ‘00’ and while in the past these zeros could be removed when quoting the account number this will no longer register and will cause the transfer to be rejected.

If you're unsure if the NPP will impact any of your existing arrangements, speak to a SERVICE ONE staff member (either in-Branch or phone 1300 361 761) who will be able to assist.

Frequently asked questions

  A payment to an existing Personal Payee is rejecting... why?

As payments (incoming and outgoing) are now being made through the NPP network, just as it's important to provide the SERVICE ONE BSB and your nine-digit account number to any third party looking to make a payment to your SERVICE ONE Alliance Bank account, your outgoing payments also need to be setup with these same details. For instance, if you have existing payments setup with a Member number and product code you have from another financial institution (a credit union for instance), this may now reject. This should be updated to the nine digit account number. Alternatively, if this account has a PayID attached to it, you can set it up using the PayID instead. However, if you are still unable to make the transfer, you now have the option to process it using the 'Standard Transfer' option - please keep in mind this transfer will not be an instant Osko payment. If you require any assistance with this, phone 1300 361 761 or visit us in-Branch.

  Do I need to register my own PayID to send a PayID payment?

No. The ability to send money using a PayID will be available shortly as part of SERVICE ONE’s Internet and mobile banking channel (including the App). You will however need the recipient’s PayID to process the payment.

  I’ve entered a PayID to make a payment but I’m getting an error message - why?

SERVICE ONE’s systems check a national database that all banking and finance providers use. Generally, if you are getting an error message, this means the piece of information you’re entering (mobile number or email for instance) has not been registered as a PayID (i.e. it is not linked to a particular account) and therefore, you’ll be unable to use this to make a payment.

  If the PayID is not working, how can I make the payment?

You will still have the option to establish a personal payee using more traditional BSB and account number information as part of the 'Account' option. Alternatively, you could encourage the person (or organisation) you're trying to pay to register a PayID with their respective banking institution.

  How do I know if the PayID I’m entering is correct?

Once you enter the PayID, the screen will refresh and display the full name of either the person or organisation you’re trying to pay. Once this displays (and is correct) you can then go ahead and authorise the transaction. 

  Can my account be accessed through my PayID?

No. A PayID can only be used to deposit money into your account - not take money out. Your account details are not visible during the payment process to the person or organisation paying you. 

  Are there any fees to make payments using a PayID?

No. There are currently no fees for NPP payments using a PayID.

  How do I register a PayID through SERVICE ONE?

You need to log into Internet or mobile banking (including the App) and select ‘Manage PayID’. From here you will be able to select your email or contact phone number and link this to a specific account held with us. For business memberships, you can only register a PayID (using an ABN or organisation ID through a SERVICE ONE Branch).

  What if my contact information is not available to register a PayID or it’s incorrect or out-of-date?

This could be occurring for a number of reasons. For instance, we may not hold this information in our core banking system or it’s being held in the wrong field or we hold out-of-date information. You can check and update this information yourself through desktop Internet banking and hovering over ‘My Preferences’ and then selecting ‘Update Contact Details’. Alternatively, visit your local Branch and staff there will be able to assist. Additionally, you may have already registered that piece of information as a PayID with another banking institution and therefore it's unavailable to link to a SERVICE ONE Alliance Bank account.

  How long will it take for NPP payments to be received?

Generally, payments should be received in less than one minute. However, there may be some circumstances where payments will be held for longer to enable fraud security checks.

  Can a PayID be linked to more than one account?

No. A PayID can only be linked to one account held with one banking institution. Keep in mind you can link your mobile number to one account and an email address to another account.

  How do I move a PayID I’ve linked to an account held with another financial institution to SERVICE ONE?

You will need to deregister the PayID with the other financial institution first. It may take some time for the national database to reflect this change (a matter of hours generally) but once this occurs, you will then be able to go through SERVICE ONE channels and register this PayID again and link it to an account held with us.

  How can I find out more?

More information is available on the New Payments Platform website. Alternatively, phone SERVICE ONE on 1300 361 761.


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