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SERVICE ONE has a long tradition of supporting our local communities through sponsorship funding and added support. As you can imagine, we receive hundreds of requests each year. While we do our best to support what we can, we have a responsibility to our Members to ensure we:

  • get value for money
  • achieve positive outcomes for SERVICE ONE – whether this is helping to build our brand equity and helping us tell our story as we aim to Do Good and/or promoting the products and services we offer, and/or
  • align with organisations, clubs and associations with similar values to SERVICE ONE.

As such, we ask that any requests for sponsorship keep the following guidelines in mind:

Email a Request NowMission & Values
  Sponsorship guidelines

To be considered for sponsorship, your event or organisation should:

  • reflect SERVICE ONE's values in community support and development
  • possess and maintain a high level of professionalism
  • provide a means to reach our target audience (SERVICE ONE offers financial and community solutions to a broad age spectrum)
  • be local to our primary areas of operation (Australian Capital Territory, South Coast and/or Snowy Mountains regions)
  • provide an effective communication channel to your network and where appropriate, facilitate for SERVICE ONE representatives to deal directly with this network
  • pride itself in the work that is carried out resulting in positive public feedback
  • be willing to work closely with the SERVICE ONE marketing department in order to produce effective leveraging strategies
  • provide assurance that no SERVICE ONE competitor will be involved in the activity (this includes all financial and banking providers), and
  • allow SERVICE ONE to develop and implement an effective marketing communications program tailored specifically to the event (for larger events).
  What SERVICE ONE will not sponsor

While you are free to submit a sponsorship request, generally, SERVICE ONE will not approve sponsorship requests for any of the following:

  • sponsorship of organisations linked to controversial or contentious issues
  • organisations driven by particularly divisive social issues
  • those promoting anti-social disruptive activities such as gambling, alcohol or drugs
  • international events
  • events sponsored by competitors
  • individuals, and/or
  • requests from SERVICE ONE staff or relatives/friends.
  Information required and assessment

The following information is required to assess sponsorship requests

  • description of the event or organisation
  • date, location and time frame of proposed activities
  • demographics of attendees, audience, participants, members
  • estimated number of attendees where applicable
  • benefits to SERVICE ONE including access to databases, direct mail opportunities, direct sale activities, signage opportunities etc.
  • total investment cost to SERVICE ONE
  • list of other sponsors involved
  • business generation opportunities to SERVICE ONE, and
  • contact details for the applicant (phone, address, email etc.).

All requests are reviewed by the Sponsorship Committee. As a general rule, all applications take a minimum of two weeks to process. Applicants will be contacted as soon as the outcome is determined.

  Submitting a sponsorship request

All applications should be mailed or faxed to:

SERVICE ONE Mutual Limited
Attention: Sponsorship Committee
Locked Bag 1
Fax: (02) 6215 7171

Alternatively, applications and enquiries can be emailed to the Sponsorship Committee.

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