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Whether you are taking money, sending money, or receiving money from overseas, with our foreign exchange services we can help.


Telegraphic Transfers

A Telegraphic Transfer transmits funds electronically to an overseas bank account in a specified currency.

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A Draft is a cheque, made out to your nominated payee in a foreign currency.

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Foreign Cash

We can supply foreign cash in over 40 currencies in a variety of denominations.

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Inward Payments

Use our Inward Payments service to receive funds from overseas quickly and easily.

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Multi-currency Cash Passport

A pre-paid card that enables you to load up to 11 different currencies onto the one card, locking in exchange rates.

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Travel Insurance

You can enjoy your travels more if you're less worried about all the things that could go wrong. We can arrange your travel insurance cover to give you peace of mind.

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