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Personal Loans

With secured and unsecured options, there’s a SERVICE ONE Alliance Bank personal loan to help you fund that large purchase or to consolidate or refinance existing higher interest personal debt.


Fixed Rate Personal Loan

This secured fixed rate loan allows you to budget with confidence as you lock in the rate for the life-of-loan, fixing your repayment amount.

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Student Personal Loans

For higher education students and apprentices, this loan is perfect to access funds without needing to offer security.

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Green Personal Loan

If you're looking to purchase some environmentally friendly solutions for your home, a Green Personal Loan can help make it a reality.

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Credit Card

Our low rate, low fee credit card with interest free period provides access to extra funds should you need it.

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This facility is attached to your Day to Day Account and you only pay interest on the funds you draw from this line-of-credit.

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Loan Calculators

A range of calculators to help you calculate your loan repayments and more.

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Easy Read Tool Box

Mill House graduate receives grant funding.

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Assistance Beyond Crisis (ABC)

ABC offers interest free loans for people who have experienced and left a domestic violence situation.

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Latest Scams

Scams are on the rise. The best way to protect yourself is to be aware.

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