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  • Borrowing Power Calculator

    Calculate your approximate borrowing capacity using your income and household expenses.

  • Loan Repayment Calculator

    Calculate home loan repayments based on amount, rate, repayment type and frequency and loan term.

  • Stamp Duty Calculator

    Calculate approximate stamp duty applicable to properties based on purchase price, state and property type.

  • Car Loan Calculator

    Calculate car loan repayments based on amount, rate, repayment type and loan term.

  • Personal Loan Calculator

    Calculate personal loan repayments based on amount, rate, repayment type and loan term.

  • Budget Planner Calculator

    Plan your household budget using our Budget Planner.

  • Savings Plan Calculator

    Work out a savings plan with a regular deposit in an interest bearing account or investment.

  • Term Deposit Calculator

    Work out the approximate return on a fixed term investment.

  • Income Tax Calculator

    Work out the income tax applicable to your annual income and take home pay.

  • Extra Repayments Calculator

    Calculate the positive impact of making extra repayments on your loan.

  • Split Loan Calculator

    Calculate home loan repayments for a loan split between a variable and fixed rate.

  • Loan Comparison Calculator

    Calculate interest savings comparing two home loans options.

  • Lump Sum Repayment Calculator

    Calculate interest savings and loan term reduction with a lump sum repayment.

  • Honeymoon Calculator

    Calculate impact of a home loan having a honeymoon/introductory rate.

  • Insurance Calculators

    Calculate the approximate replacement costs for your home building and home contents with CGU’s calculators.

  • Exchange Rate Calculator

    Calculate foreign exchange rates with this calculator provided by Western Union.


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