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Other Services

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When it comes to accessing your funds with SERVICE ONE Alliance Bank, there are various options available to you.

Payroll Deductions

You can have all or part of your pay deposited automatically into your SERVICE ONE Alliance Bank account, along with other funds such as rent on your investment property, shares, dividends, or Centrelink payments.

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Cheque Facility

You do not need a separate cheque and savings account. You can link a cheque book to the majority of SERVICE ONE Alliance Bank accounts. Making payments by cheque is simple, flexible and easy.

Cheques are widely accepted and you don't have to worry about carrying large quantities of cash. Cheque books come in books of 25 or 100. Please note, fees and charges apply to the use of a personal cheque facility.

Periodical Payments

This service enables you to make a payment or transfer to yourself or another party from your savings account on a regular basis. Periodical Payments can be set up to recur (e.g. weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly) for an indefinite or fixed number of payments or transfers including one-off payments.

Outgoing payments can be in the form of transfers to another Member's account or an account held at another financial institution. Payments can also be by cheque posted to an address you nominate.

Direct Debit

With the Direct Debit bill paying service you can pre-arrange payment of an authorised sum to a nominated recipient at nominated intervals. These payments will be debited directly from your SERVICE ONE Alliance Bank account. Many of your payments can be made using Direct Debits - just some of these include utility bills, insurance payments, credit card monthly repayments, loan repayments and charitable donations. Look for Direct Debit details in the 'how to pay' section of your bills to confirm if this service is available.

Credit Services

You can also have money directly credited to your account via the Direct Credit system by quoting the SERVICE ONE BSB (801 009) and your account number. Providing this information to the payee will allow them to directly credit your nominated account. Examples of these types of credits include salary, pension/allowance and tax refund.

When providing information about your SERVICE ONE Alliance Bank accounts for any of these services, ensure you adopt sensible security practices.

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