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New Payments Platform

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The New Payments Platform is revolutionising the Australian payments landscape. 

A key benefit of the platform is PayID - a centralised addressing service that enables you to link your bank account information with easy-to-remember pieces of information such as a mobile number or email address. You will be able to provide your PayID to people or organisations you wish to receive payments from. It's all about simplifying the process - and with PayID you can forget your BSB and account number and instead offer your mobile number or email address. 

The second part of the initial rollout of NPP is Osko, and together with PayID, they are creating a faster, simpler, smarter way to pay and get paid. 

Here's more about the two services...


Can't remember your BSB and account number? A PayID is something easy to remember - like your mobile phone number or email address - that you register with us and we link this to your account of choice. Then when someone needs to pay you, you simply give them your PayID instead of your BSB and account number. 

And if you've ever been worried about sending money to the wrong account, PayID can help. Use a PayID with a service like Osko and the name of the person who owns that PayID is shown before you approve the payment. All you have to do is confirm it's the right person. 


Need to split the bill for a group dinner? Mate lost their wallet? Need to pay a plumber for a burst pipe? Say hello to faster payments with Osko by BPAY®... and you can use it with PayID. Osko will soon be added to Internet and mobile banking to make payments between different financial institutions and will go through in under a minute, 24/7. You can also include up to 280 characters to describe the payment. 

NPP coming soon to SERVICE ONE

NPP functionality will soon be available to SERVICE ONE Members. If you're interested in faster, simpler payments, you should ensure your up-to-date mobile number and email details are registered with SERVICE ONE on our core banking system. Already having these details linked to your membership will make it easier for you to register your PayID when it becomes available. You can check and amend these details yourself in Internet banking - just hover over 'My Preferences' in the top navigation banner and select 'Update Contact Details'. In addition, added functionality (and options) will be added to Internet and mobile banking to not only register your own PayID but to enact Osko payments.

Impact on Paysplits and other account redirects

Members should be aware that the introduction of the NPP may have an impact on any Paysplit arrangements already in place and with account redirects. The issue is a PayID is designed to be linked to one particular account while the membership structure of SERVICE ONE (with all accounts sitting under the one common identifier being the Member number) means Members have been able to use Paysplit functionality where an incoming credit comes into SERVICE ONE and different amounts of this credit split and are credited to several accounts. In addition, some Members have provided a Member number instead of account information to payers and this incoming credit when received goes to a particular account under the membership. Once these payments are processed through NPP, while the payments will still be received, the credit may not hit your preferred account. 

If you have a Paysplit arrangement, you can switch this over to a Periodical Payment which means the incoming credit will be wholly deposited into a particular account but then a future dated Periodical Payment can be setup so a certain amount from this account is then transferred to another account on an ongoing basis at a particular time.

Account numbers

Please ensure that your 9 digit account number (including any ‘00’ in front of your account number) is quoted when providing your account information to others (when setting up a transfer). Some Members have account numbers starting with ‘00’ and while in the past these zeros could be removed when quoting the account number this will no longer register and will cause the transfer to be rejected.

If you're unsure if NPP will impact any of your existing arrangements, speak to a SERVICE ONE staff member (either in-Branch or phone 1300 361 761) who will be able to assist. 

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